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Wow, Sydney! I'm amazed at the various events you're part of. I've heard of mass weddings but have never seen one. Thanks for bringing it to life with these photographs!


This reminds me of the mass marriages arranged by Rev. Moon, save the partners are not selected on the couples' behalf!


hey sidney! thanks for dropping by. indeed, batulao looks like something out of an international travel magazine. but then again, a lot of people get surprised by the wealth of views this little country has to offer :-) your site is already proof of this.

maryanne moll

you are a romantic, aren't you? :)


Great way to get married, share your joy with others experiencing the same. FUN!

Rock Kauser

1300 couples married at one time! In ten years that's going to either be a lot of happily married couples or a lot of bitterly divorced people - probably both!

How's the political climate? Has the attempted coup made much difference in daily life?


Good for them, but I wouldn't want to share my day with others!


yes, this is indeed a common happening in the phils :)


Guys, the political situation here is always lively. Not to mention, exciting and volatile. All in a day's work. :)

Love has a way of fixing itself with the help of "kind" politicians.


1,300!?!?! wow!!!


Hehe... I remember having to count the beans carefully when I got married too. And I didn't even have all that many guests; London is just too expensive. :(


Gives me a warm feeling: people still love.


Wow, so it must be very exciting to get family invovled too. :)


This is a very good Idea. I was wondering if you could give some more insight into the current political situation?


Well, this seems like a good way to get things done. Plus, this way, everyone got to have a big wedding!


It's not really the act of getting married that's expensive. It's the fact of being married which is... ;-D Hope the (political) situation has cooled down a bit in the mean time?

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